Chinese Prayer Wheels – A History of the Tradition

Chinese Prayer Wheels – A History of the

Chinese praying material such as Joss sticks or Joss paper are commonly seen throughout
Chinese houses. The sticks are circular and made of wood with two long handles. Joss paper
can either be dry or dampened and used for praying Jin Paper Malaysia. Paper is loosely wound and can easily be
bent into various shapes. It is often folded together into a square and pasted in a wall or door, or
hung in a room with incense burning.
Joss paper has been found as early as the Han Dynasty. From this time it became popular as an
official prayer wheel during the Buddhist Monasteries in China. Joss paper has been found in
tomb murals during the Song Dynasty. In general joss paper has been found in Chinese
households where praying is common. Joss sticks are a specific form of joss paper. Joss stick
prayer wheels can be found in Chinese households as well.

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As was previously mentioned, joss paper and joss stick prayer wheels were commonly used
during the Buddha period in China. Joss sticks were used to request for divine blessing, to ask
for health and wealth, to ask for protection and help, and for any other requests. Joss sticks were
also used to decorate the homes. As time went on, the Chinese developed a more advanced
form of joss stick prayer wheels.
During the Later Middle Ages, during the Qing Dynasty, there was a great change in the types of
materials used in Chinese prayer wheels. Instead of using joss sticks, Chinese began using
wood and porcelain. These new materials were heavier than joss sticks, and they took more
effort to manipulate. Chinese also began using metal mesh in place of wood and porcelain.
Today, Chinese prayer wheels are made of wood, metal, ceramic, bone, ivory, bamboo, glass,
and even stone. Each of the materials is used for a specific purpose. In addition, modern day
Chinese wheels utilize complex computerized designs to make them more accurate and precise.
Many of today’s wheels utilize sophisticated technology to “talk” to each other. They are able to
do this because they have integrated communication devices such as computers.

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Chinese prayer wheels are now being used to celebrate many different events and occasions
throughout the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year, for example, is quickly approaching. The
wheel is used to bring good fortune and prosperity to the Chinese people. There are also other
important events such as the Spring Festival or the Summer Festival. Throughout the Chinese
lunar calendar, the moonstone is used to bring good fortune and protection to the people. It is
also used during the month, which covers a period of 21 days after the Chinese New Year ends.
Chinese wheels are also used to symbolize the need to pray for love and harmony within the
family, friends, and community. These are two sides of the same coin – and one must not divide
these two equally. We must pray for one another and love one another. This can be done
through sharing our happiness and joy with others. This will strengthen the family bond and
strengthen the ties that bind a family.
Chinese prayer wheels come in many different colors and shapes. They also come with unique
images on them. Some of these include detailed dragons, flowers, and religious phrases. The
wheels are available online if you don’t have them in your home. They can be shipped directly to

your house, or you can have them put on a string, and walk them throughout your Chinese
community, sharing the meaning behind each one. This is a great way to bring the positive
energy of the Chinese calendar to you and to strengthen your family’s spiritual ties.