Using Music To Better Your Life

After several years of studying the art of music and being involved in the music business/marketing, I have learned a lot of important lessons that apply to all businesses and even people’s lives.

Most of my study has been in the field of music marketing, but as the wheels of my mind have been turning and with the experience, I’ve had with Direct Sales, I want to encourage you to explore this as a way to expand your business…and provide a new outlet of fun for yourself too!

Why in the world do you want to spend time listening to music?

If you’re like me, your business life is already too consuming and you need to spend less time on non-related activities, not more!

First, it’s FUN! Here’s your chance to let your true being come to be fulfilled in a way that is unique and visceral. Everyone needs to hear music, and everyone seeks out new music as well as the classics. Your business might already employ music in one way or another. It would, without a doubt, benefit your business if you were more content in your day-to-day life, and music that has real soul and conveys real feelings helps you concentrate on all the things you must concentrate on the function as a professional.

At my newest job which is A&R; with Wichita Falls Records I am feeling gratified and fulfilled because we release only what is considered to be non-commercial, real music by artists that uplift the human spirit. I was watching a cable news program the other day and a very well-known figure in the business world Stuart Varney was talking about sales in the music business. He remarked how the music used to “mean something” and was referring to his favorite band the Beatles. I sent him an email describing how new artists can release music in the same vein as the Beatles releases in that they contain real melodies, chords, lyrics, etc.

I think that in the flood of releases nowadays you can get lost in the plastic style of music that is out there and unfortunately lose faith in the music industry. There have been numerous reports on the declining sales and the fact that digital downloads are now outselling CDs because people can choose which songs off of an album to buy instead of buying the whole LP with “filler” songs.

I would encourage everyone who reads this to check out new LP’s which are available everywhere. I think new music can better your life. Seek out whatever music makes you happy and make that part of your life because music will better your life in my opinion.

You’ll see… it will stretch your mind and increase your productivity.

Second, it’s profitable. As you will clear your mind and accomplish what you set out to do.

Third, it sets you apart. Everyone has their taste in music.

So much information is available online for maximizing this avenue of marketing. Take advantage of it … and watch your business grow!